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Monsters Bubble Tea
3rd floor
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About us

Great experiences, an original environment, the cheapest bubble tea in the Czech Republic and the BIGGEST selection of variations, flavors, tapioca balls, crackling balls and jellies await you in our MONSTERS BUBBLE TEA store.

Bubble tea is a unique tea-based drink - "bubble tea", which was created in Taiwan as early as 1980 as a drink full of health-promoting substances. The basis of bubble tea is the tea component - original and high-quality black or green tea, other ingredients are added to the tea according to the type of bubble tea being prepared (water, various flavors, syrups, cane sugar, fructose, fruit component or milk). At the end, tapioca pearls (slightly sweet chewy balls made from the starch of the tropical edible cassava plant), pop boba fruit pearls (small crackling balls with fruit juice inside) or jellies of various flavors are added at the bottom of the drink, highlighting the taste and they make the drink unique.