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UGO Freshbar


MON - FRI:7 – 19
SAT:9 – 18
SUN:10 – 18

In UGO Freshbars, you can find drinks, snacks, breakfasts and small light dishes from quality 100% natural ingredients, full of flavour and health, according to modern recipes.

You can choose from many fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, which are prepared before your eyes. All consist only from fruit, vegetables and spices - no water or added sugar - just 100% flavour and taste of nature.

For the fans of modern trends and healthy eating, we also offer drinks with superfoods. If you want to top up your energy with antioxidants from unroasted cocoa beans or you love chia seeds - then UGO might just be your favourite. If you do sports, you can fulfill your protein intake with protein drinks, which besides fruit and vegetables also contain plant protein.

Every two months we offer drinks from seasonal fruit and vegetables, just when they reach full ripeness so their flavor is most intense.

Our offer doesn't end with the drinks. If you get hungry, you can order some of our sweet or savoury light snacks, like wraps from seasonal ingredients or fresh salads. During the hot weather, we offer icecream which is freshly made on spot from 100% pure fruit juice.

Come and have a healthy snack, and you may be sure that with food from UGO you will be full of energy.

Light refreshment and satisfaction has never been easier!

Supervisor - David Sedláček

Phone: +420 775 861 854