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9 - 20
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Spend some time in original setting of our shop MONSTERS BUBBLE TEA, where exciting experiences are waiting for you - the cheapest bubble tea in the Czech Republic and THE BIGGEST selection of variations, flavourings, tapioca balls, bursting balls and jelly. 

Bubble tea is a unique drink based on tea - it originated in Taiwan in 1980 as a drink full of healthy ingredients. The bubble tea contains a tea base - original and quality black or green tea. Other ingredients are added according to the type of bubble tea prepared (water, various flavourings, syrups, cane sugar, fructose, fruit ingredients or milk). Finally we add tapioca pearls (slightly sweet chewy balls which are made from the starch of a tropical cassava plant), fruit pearls pop boba (small bursting balls with fruity juice inside) or jelly of various flavours, which is at the bottom and makes the drink exceptional.